Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO, or local SEO, stands for local search engine optimization. You respond to the online search behavior of your target group based on location.
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    Scoring with Local SEO

    Local SEO can be very interesting for your company. More than 46% of searches are local and this percentage continues to rise. Many companies do not respond to this search intent, making local SEO a promising strategy for more online visitors and conversions. Reach potential customers in your sales area . Relevant visitors with a higher conversion rate . Also interesting for smaller companies .
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    Act On The Local Search Intent.
    Searches and search results are increasingly aligned based on location. This also causes a change in search behaviour. Take advantage of this with local search engine optimization. Search terms such as ''restaurant in the neighborhood'' and ''restaurant in Delhi'' are becoming more common. Users assume results are tailored to their location. By including local searches in your content strategy, you can achieve very nice results. Local SEO is a must in the search engine optimization process not only for local companies, but also for national players with local offices .

    Google My Business: The Basics of Local SEO .

    Google has its own business register in which as many companies as possible are indexed. This can be compared to a telephone directory from the past, but online. The great thing about Google My Business is that you can verify your business, after which you gain control over your business information in the search engine. You can use your Google My Business account to communicate your location, contact details, company photos and opening hours to your customers. In addition, customers can also give reviews and contact us.
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    Optimizing Content For Local SEO

    Local Content
    Local search engine optimization is a lot like regular SEO, but there are a few points to keep in mind. Local searches are more likely to be via mobile than desktop. For local SEO, it is therefore essential that your website is mobile-friendly. Furthermore, a good keyword research gives you insight into the local searches of your customers. Make local content as specific as possible. Suppose you have a paintball location in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Then create two landing pages where the content is tailored to the location. For example with a map and directions on the page. The search engine likes specific content. If you offer your service or product in all cities, it is worth making separate landing pages for each location. Use the location in the title, H-headings, meta description and the URL. This is a lot of work in the beginning, but it will pay off in the long run.

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